blog post from the old is the new

Hi everyone! My name is Josh and I am from the old is the new website. I am here on Isaac’s’ blog to talk about what motorcycles were like back then in the late 1980’s. Usually motorcycles were a casualty to much older people. One of the most common ones back then were The Honda CB 750. People used motorcycles like a source of transportation just like people do today. It was common to see someone on their motorcycle on the road.

Now I wanted to talk about a movie about motorcycles, but the sad, sad, thing is I never seen any movies having to do with motorcycles. I guess the only 80’s movie that I know is probably the Tequila scene in the movie Peewee’s big adventure. When Peewee Herman Nocks all the mottercycles down and the owners plan on killing him but then he get saved by doing a little dance.

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